Your personal Crossfit stories.


In 2016 I found Crossfit by walking in Tokkie’s Box to discuss a Radio and photo opportunity. Johan Tokkie greeted me. He started Tokkie’s box just 6 months before and was super excited to participate. But as a payback, I had to participate in a Crossfit training. In my teens, I had done a lot of kickboxing and knew what being superfit means but after years of working in IT and sitting behind a desk my endurance, stamina and strength were bad. I was so out of shape. I knew that. As many, I started running and did my share of runs. But it did not really cut it for me.

So when I walked in that day with my suitcase full of camera equipment to make an image for the westfrisian start-up photo project I was doing at that time I was greeted with a wall of sound of falling barbells, groaning men and women. After that workout, they dropped to the ground and were exhausted.

I was intrigued. So I started with Crossfit, first one time a week. But that was not cutting it. Then twice a week. I got hooked. After a few weeks, I started going four times a week. At that same time, I started my regular street photography blog Daily Observations and brought my camera for the first time to one of the classes.

When I get interested in something or inspired I start photographing. I liked the images and a photography project was born. I started with just people working out. But there is one component what makes Crossfit so special. That is the Community, the comradery, the support and the respect for each other.

With A Crossfit Life, I bring the special community together in Beautiful images. Mainly the great people of Crossfit Energy. But when I visit other boxes or they invite me to train and make images you can see that here too.

I invite you to re-experience the great stories by following this blog or one of the channels that I put the images and stories out.

If you have questions, Want to invite me to photograph or just want to chat i’ll be happy to help and use the contact form on the contact page.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Guillaume Groen