The Beach Throwdown 2017

The Beach Throwdown 2017

The beach throwdown. In the road to the beach you could see how Johan Tokkie, Laurens Abbing as Team tokkies beach boys and Karen de Graaf en Linda Keesman as prepared for the Beach Throwdown 2017. 

You can train al you want. Start preparing the best you can but when you are there in that arena you have to deliver. You have to perform. You have to grind through the tough stuff and enjoy the rest. 

Tokkies Beach Boys

Laurens second competition. After competing for the first time at the dutch throwdown 2017 he qualified with Johan for the Beach Throwdown 2017. His first big competition the pressure was high. Unexperienced but with a great mentor they started the competition. Cheered on by a huge crowd from Crossfit Energy team Tokkies beach boys finished 25th place overall. Just missing the finals.

The benchmark girls

After competing for the first time at the Dutch Throwdown 2017 Karen competed here for her first big competition. Together with Linda as the benchmark girls. Both never performed bar muscle ups but when the pressure rises you are capable of great things. Insecure about them they went great. Up into the final workout placed on the nr 1 spot in the leaderboard but unfortunately just finishing outside the podium in the last workout and placing on the 4th spot. But what an achievement. Only six girls, 3 teams stronger and fitter. 

They qualified for The beach throwdown 2018 as The benchmark girls. Can they do it again?  

"The other team"

Crossfit energy had another team competing. Pablo Stegerhoek and … Performed on saturday in a one day event. I was not there so I do not have any images of them. It was over before it was even begun. 

The 2018 edition

This year Crossfit energy is competing at The beach throwdown with a whopping 4  teams. See the results in a future post