Beach Throwdown 2018 – Johan en Laurens – Crossfit Energy – Finale

Beach Throwdown 2018

Johan en Laurens - Crossfit Energy - Finale

Crossfit Energy competed at The Beach Throwdowns with four teams. 

After finishing 14th place in WOD8 the top 20 of the leaderboard were allowed to compete in the finals. 

The Workout

TC 10 Min for time:

8 Atlas stones to shoulder
4 Legless rope climbs
6 Atlas stones to shoulder
3 Legless rope climbs
4 Atlas stones to shoulder
2 Legless rope climbs
2 Atlas stones to shoulder
1 legless roper climb

The Finals

And then you are in the finals. You worked your ass off in the box the last couple of weeks and during the last workout of the weekend your hand give up. The blisters and bruises of all the past workouts tore your hand so open that you could not hold the rope. Laurens climbed the rope, it is your turn. The tape on your and is slippery but you just rip it off and one last final time you climb the rope and touch the upper beam. You did it! The atlas stones await.

This is how Johan perceived the final workout. His hands bear the marks of hard work from the past days. The competed until the end and finished with the beautiful score.